About us

Afras USA, Inc., established in 2004, covers a wide spectrum of trading activities and specializes in the supply of steel pipe and piping materials and valves in the Oil, Gas and Chemical (OG&C) Industry. Afras USA, Inc is an authorized distributor of reputed manufacturers of fittings, flanges and valves. We are serving various industry from Houston Texas since 2005 and from India from 2008.

In addition to our OG&C Trading Division, our General Trading Division offers a full line of Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO) Equipment Spare Parts such as Electrical, HVAC, Food Service, Heavy Vehicle and Light Truck, Laundry,

Power Generation, Hardware and Power and Hand Tool, Construction, Safety, PPE, Office, ITT and Telecom Products.

Our international presence ensures effective support is available locally for our global customers. Afras customers benefit from an impeccable level of service given by our team that is rich in experience and has the technical expertise in products, proposals, and documentation

Key international offices are located in USA, Germany , India and an Associate office in South Korea.

Oil and Gas Divison

Through our Oil, Gas and Chemical (OG&C) Trading Division, we offer a full line of Pipe, Valve, Fitting and Flange (PVFF) Packages. We have the capability to source many name-brand products from leading manufacturers.

Vision Statement:

Afras will continue to provide total quality service and build on our core strength of integrated supply chain services. Afras will continue to focus on total quality performance, total commitment to meeting customer needs, and on the value of individual and team contribution by each Afras USA associate.

Mission Statement:

Afras will maintain an impeccable level of Excellence in providing our customers with quality goods and services with competitive prices and on-time delivery.

General Trading Division

With a reliable sourcing network and extensive experience in global procurement, our General Trading Division covers the entire spectrum of construction and industrial MRO supplies.