Our company profile

Afras Group covers a wide spectrum of activities such as General Trading, Distribution/Manufacturer Representation, Project Management, Integration and Services to the Oil, Gas, Chemical (OG&C) and Power Industries, to U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Prime Contractors and other Global EPC companies.

We rank amongst the best in the industry based on our strong sourcing network backed by an impeccable level of service, our consistent track record as a competitive and reliable package supplier, and our representation agreements with select manufacturers. Our international presence ensures effective support is available locally for our global customers. We have the unique capability of meeting the product requirements of our customers, delivering globally and providing support services to our customers in different geographical areas of operation. Key international offices include Germany , Houston (USA) , South Korea and India.

Afras focuses on three main market segments as listed below and accordingly our services are offered from two divisions operating within the company:

  • Providing a full line of Construction Supplies, Hardware and Tools (Hand and Power), MRO Equipment and Spare Parts, Oil Field Equipment and Spare Parts to OG&C Companies, Power Generation Companies, U.S. Department of Defense Prime Contractors and EPC Companies.
  • Providing a full line of Pipe, Valve, Fitting (PVF) packages, Measurement and Test Products, Automation and Controls Products, Instrumentation Equipment and Spare Parts and Fabricated Products.
  • Providing Procurement Export Services to our Trading Partners located in the Middle East region.

Vision Statement

Afras will continue to provide quality service and build on our core strength of integrated supply chain services to our customers. Afras will continue to focus on total quality performance, total commitment to meeting customer needs, and on the value of individual and team contribution by each Afras associate.

Mission Statement

Afras will maintain an impeccable level of excellence in providing our customers with quality goods and services at the best prices and on-time delivery.

Benefits we provide our customers

  • Afras is a high-performing supplier and a customer-focused company.
  • We embrace our ingenuity and aggressiveness.
  • We are Innovative and Responsive.
  • We share with our customers our commitment to performance excellence in terms of cost, quality and delivery.
  • We are financially healthy and are continuously focused on improving affordability and efficiency through lean operations.
  • We deliver value and solutions to our customers.
  • We always look toward the future with our customers.