Global procurement services

Through our Trading Division, we also offer integrated procurement and logistical support to Military Contractors, International Relief Agencies and Organizations involved in contingency construction and disaster response. Our operations are tailored to meet the critical time-bound demands often associated with Army and Relief Agency Operations.

With a reliable sourcing network and extensive experience in global procurement, our Trading Division covers the entire spectrum of construction and industrial supplies. Our major supplies and services include:

Fuel Tanks

Diesel/Aviation Fuel Tanks

We can supply high quality Aviation fuel storage tanks for Jet A1 & Avgas such as Fuel Proof static Aviation Fuel Tanks ideally suited to small-to-medium scale refueling applications, Containerized Aviation Fuel Tanks which are ideal for shipping and transportation to remote locations, Bulk Aviation Fuel Tanks etc (both above ground and underground) in wide range of capacities.


Skid-Mounted Fuel & Storage Tanks

Supply & Fabrication of 2 Nos. of 10,000 USG CS tank with plasite 7122 internal lining. These tanks were manufactured according to ASME Sec. VIII.

Supply & Fabrication of 2 Nos. 40 Cu. Mtr. Capacity, Double-Wall Raw Gas Oil storage tanks. These tanks were to code UL 142 –8th ed (2002) for USACE, Qudas Project, Central Iraq.

Gen-Sets, Switchgear and Load Banks

Gen-Sets, Switchgear and Load Banks

Packages of electrical generators for Camp Victory and Camp Anaconda, Iraq. Each package included 3 Generators (2,108 kVA each), I common switchgear and 1 load test bank (1600 kW) and 3 fuel storage tanks (25,000 Liters each).

Reach Stacker

Reach Stacker

Executed a subcontract for “Lease and Maintenance” of 40 FT Reach Stackers”. The contract was for an overall period of 18 months. Afras provided a team of engineers and technicians during the entire contract, which gave both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance support.

The Reach Stackers were operated at various locations – SPOD, APOD, Camp Arifjan, Shuaiba Port, etc. in Kuwait.

Other Products Include

  • Tools, Hardware & Plumbing Items
  • Power Generation Packages
  • Electrical Bulk & Data Communication Products
  • Instrumentation & Measuring Devices / systems
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Material Handling Equipment: Reach Stackers, Straddle Carriers, Hydraulic Cranes, Forklifts etc.
  • Passenger Vehicles
  • Tires, Spare Parts & Consumables
  • Reinforcing Steel Bars & Structural Steel
  • Utility Poles – Treated Wood and Steel
  • Railroad Ties
  • Marine and Foundation Piling
  • Timbers and Decking
  • Framing Lumber and Panels
  • Flooring, Wood Panel and Industrial Wood Products
  • Specialty Building Materials
  • Steel Utility Structures
  • Daily MRO requirements

Other site specific requirems?